Drive The Green Golf – Top 5 Golf Courses in Saskatchewan

#1 Riverside Golf & Country Club

Finally, we get to number one and anyone who has played a fair amount of golf in Saskatchewan probably saw this list building towards this. But coming in at number 1 is Riverside Golf & Country Club. I believe it is 1 of only 3 fully private courses in the province (Ring the bell) and you get the private course experience when playing it. It is always in perfect condition, the greens run true and fast every time you play them, and being a private course there are not many slow rounds.

I may be a little biased as I was a member here for 5 years when I was younger. But my favorite part about Riverside is how every hole tempts you as a player. You could think out your round prior to teeing off and be standing on every given hole knowing the smart shot but every hole has a line that if you hit it there you will be in position A+ to score on that hole. Whether that is cutting the corner over trees on the dog legged par 4s or going for the par 5s in two when three of the four par 5s have trouble in front. You know you should hit the smart shot but how cool would it be to be putting for eagle or have less than 100 in on a par 4 and that is where this course gets you.

When you break it all down Riverside is just a good golf course top to bottom from layout to condition to pace of play it truly is the Top Course in Saskatchewan. I mean it was the only course in Sask to make ScoreGolf’s Top 100 courses in Canada this year, that speaks for itself. If you have not played it and get the opportunity to play it, DO NOT turn that invite down.

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