Drive The Green Golf – Top 5 Golf Courses in Saskatchewan

#4 Waskesiu Golf Course

The most iconic golf course in Saskatchewan comes in at number 4 on the list. The original Lobstick tree might be gone but a new tree has been put in place and this course will likely be on the top 5 list for that tree’s lifespan. This Stanley Thompson design has been around for 75 years and is located inside Prince Albert National Park.

It is not overly long (only 6300 yards) and it is not overly narrow compared to other northern SK courses. But Waskesiu Golf Course challenges golfers in different ways. From subtle elevation changes and uneven lies in the fairways, to thick rough around the greens, to greens that have to be kept rolling slower otherwise they would be impossible, and greens that always break towards the lake no matter what you think you are reading when lining up a putt just to mess with a golfers confidence.

It is home to the Lobstick tournament every year, which is a week-long match play tournament and this course is a perfect fit for that tournament because it is set up perfect for match play golf. Decisions to be made on how to play every hole and can be altered depending on the stage of the match. Tree lined fairways which can turn 2 up into 1 down in 3 quick holes. The trees are also open enough that you can find you ball and advance it out compared to other northern courses where it is a drop or re-tee the second it crosses the plane of the tree line.

And let’s not forget the hot Kaiser bun sandwiches at the turn.  All in all, from the course layout, the scenery and wildlife you are bound to see, and the general fun had playing a round at Waskesiu Golf Course easily puts it in the Top 5 courses in Saskatchewan.

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