Drive The Green Golf – Top 5 Golf Courses in Saskatchewan

#5 Deer Valley Golf Club

Ten years ago, Deer Valley would have been number 1 on my list by a country mile. Since then mother nature reared her ugly head and the course paid a heavy price for cutting its holes so close to the water’s edge in the Qu’Appelle valley. Multiple holes saw greens split into two levels, fairways split in half, and portions of greens and full tee boxes completely disappear due to shifts in the ground. Most people have read this far and are thinking how is this course in the top 5 with that opening. But, Deer Valley is slowly returning to the course it once was. Tee boxes are being rebuilt, the fairway and greens that split are being reworked. Once it gets back to form it will sky rocket up this list.

It is arguably the most beautiful course in Sask. At 6800 yards from the back tees, it isn’t the longest course, but it is a strategic 6800. There aren’t many bail out areas at Deer Valley, you hit the shot that is asked of you otherwise you are dropping or hitting 3 off the tee. It offers everything from reachable in two par 5s, risk vs reward tee shots on par 4s, demanding long par 3s, and par 3s you can attack. You will need every club in your bag when you play Deer Valley. It is also a great course to play a match with friends or as part of a tournament because big swings in scores are not if but when. Those reasons more than make up for course conditions that are improving every year and make Deer Valley a lock for a Top 5 course in Saskatchewan.

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