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Episode 25 – PGA Championship Recap

In the latest episode of the Drive The Green podcast:

PGA Championship Recap

  • Top Story – Brooks or Tiger?
  • Tiger brings back the fringe fans
  • Leaderboard was STACKED
  • Notable missed cuts

Ryder Cup Picks


  • Harv with yet another weekly win
  • Wyndham Championship picks

Episode 24 – PGA Championship Preview

In this weeks episode of the Drive The Green Golf podcast:

WGC Bridgestone Recap:

  • JT rolls to an emotional victory
  • DJ goes on a Sunday tear
  • Tiger has no roar on Sunday


  • Barracuda Championship Recap
  • What are you doing Phil?!

PGA Championship Preview

  • The boys breakdown this weeks major – course chatter and storylines


  • Harv takes the Bridgestone
  • Big names fly off the board at the PGA – what about Y.E. Yang?

Golf Rules vs. Golf Etiquette

Who needs rules!

The game of golf is one of the older sports in the world and dates back to the 15th century.  Being that old, the rules of golf have obviously been tinkered with and evolved a lot over the years.  For the professionals, it is imperative that they know and understand every rule.  But for a regular Joe who plays 1-50 times a year at their local course, are the rules really that important? Maybe not. But one thing that is important is how you conduct yourself on the course, better known as your Golf Etiquette.

Whats the difference?

To begin, it has to be noted that there is a HUGE difference between rules and etiquette.  Golf etiquette is something that you acquire by playing the game, watching parents or friends, watching the pros or even reading about the do’s and don’ts on the golf course.  Everyone playing a round of golf should know the etiquette.  These things include repairing divots, ball marks, letting groups through if you’re slow, not stepping in someone’s line on the green, being quiet when someone is hitting, etc. 

The rules however, will predominantly be used to determine a player’s score.  Penalty strokes and how they are used is a big one.  Gimmes, mulligans and things of that nature are other examples.   Some people will never take a gimme, other will.  And THIS IS FINE.  I suggest you discuss the general rules before you tee off and determine a common ground for the group.  For the majority of us, picking rules that will speed up play is highly advised.  Drop the ball when you go OB, don’t re-tee, take a couple gimmes.  However, if you do not establish these “rules” before you tee off, all hell will surely ensue.   

Playing in a competitive tournament or playing with a bunch of money on the line is a different story obviously.  But trust me, no one else cares what rules you enforce in a fun round between friends.  On the other hand, EVERYONE cares about your etiquette on the golf course. Be thoughtful of others out there because in the end, golf is an escape and everyone wants to enjoy it.

Episode 23 – Ultimate Foursome – Canadian Celebrities

This week on the Drive The Green Podcast:

Canadian Open Recap

  • DJ rolls to his 3rd victory in 2018
  • Update on the Canadians

In The News:

  • Bryson and Reed BLOW IT
  • The Rooster wins The Open
  • Smylie and his buddies party in Europe

Ultimate Foursome – Canadian Celebrities

  • Bronel gets into the VIP
  • MattyB and the Biebs
  • Harv looks for answers


  • Canadian Open – Harv rides DJ yet again
  • WGC Bridgestone – Will take DJ yet again?
  • Barracuda – LOL pass

Episode 22 – Open Recap

What an action packed episode this week!

The Open Recap

  • Frank Molinari – The best in the world today?
  • Tiger. Is. Back.
  • Spieth and his haircut stink up the weekend.
  • Jon Rahm – NOT the Big Rig.
  • Slick Dick Rick and the Muzzy.
  • Rory and Rose – different paths to T2.

Barbasol Recap

  • The other tournament this week.

Canadian Open Preview

  • Which Canadian has the best shot to bring home the title?

Episode 21 – The Open Preview

The Open has arrived and in this weeks episode:

John Deer Classic Recap:

  • Michael Kim roasts the competition
  • Canadians litter the leaderboard


  • Veej with the Senior victory
  • John Daly 2.0
  • Tony Romo finally wins a title

Pro Tip – Simple method for speeding up your pace of play

British Open Preview!

  • CarNasty looks to punish the Worlds Best
  • Tiger with a driving iron in the bag
  • European myth?

Episode 20 – Yay or Nay

In this week’s episode of the Drive the Green Podcast:

A Military Tribute at Greenbrier Recap:

  • Kevin Na wins and cries
  • Phil gets another 2 stroke penalty
  • Canadians go 5/5

Feature – Yay or Nay

  • The boys discuss some golf course situations


  • Harv gets his first win in awhile
  • John Deere Classic Picks

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