Turn That Smylie Upside Down

Flash back to April 2016 when we first met the Bro Squad. Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, and Smylie Kaufman. Four young, very talented golfers jet setting to the Bahamas for Spring Break. Every guy from 18-45 years old was drooling in envy of #sb2k16.

Then these four party boys had to go and do it again for #sb2k17. It seemed as though nothing could stop these maniacs. They had the friendship, the money, and the skills.

Flash forward to June 2018. Justin Thomas has two wins this season and a short stint as World Number 1. Jordan Spieth is the defending Open Champion and was 3rd at the 2018 Masters. Rickie Fowler was 2nd at the same 2018 Masters and is 13th in Official Money Earnings this season……..

Smylie Kaufman has missed 13 consecutive cuts and 17 of the past 18.

Poor Frownie is having a tough go. I cannot think of a more excruciating feeling than that of my close friends excelling while I continue to struggle to put it together. An epic disaster of a season which could be caused by a few different factors:

  1. Marriage – This past #sb2k18 was not spent in the Bahamas but rather attending his own wedding. Certainly an occasion to be celebrated but a far cry from the antics of the past two years.
  2. Name Pressure- No doubt it is hard to always put on a happy face. Carrying the weight of the name Smylie is no easy task.
  3. Group Success – While the other group members excel, perhaps the young man is just feeling the heat and his skills are failing him.

Luckily there is plenty of PGA season left to turn it around and retain his PGA Tour Card for years to come. Hopefully the other members of the Bro Squad don’t go too hard on the poor chap, I know I would.


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