TIGER. IS. BACK. – TOUR Championship Recap


To summarize the tour championship, I think I need to paraphrase a quote from “The Other Guys” – It was fantastic, The pageantry, the Drama. Wow, what a show!!

But, let’s get to what I am sure everyone who clicked on this article thought it was going to be. A couple charts showing how things would have played out if they adopted the 2019 rule changes this year:


Before doing the research, I figured the new scoring was going to change things at the top quite drastically but as you can see, Rose still won the Fedex Cup by 1 shot over Tiger, DJ and Horschel. Maybe being able to see the actual scores and rankings would of helped players like DJ and Tiger on 18 where they both missed make-able putts that would of tied them with Rose and forced a playoff.

Could you imagine the Fedex cup coming down to a playoff between world #1 and #2 and Tiger Woods? I am sure it is exactly what the PGA and Fedex have been having wet dreams over since this event was created in 2007. I won’t touch on how this new format has Phil finishing dead last, but I will say this new format is going to create some real drama for next year’s tournament and we won’t have to suffer with the guy from NBC busting out the 2016 USA election projection software to try and explain the different scenarios that can play out.

Is It 2019 yet?

However next year’s Fedex Cup plays out, golf is in a great place and Tiger winning the last tournament of the year put an exclamation point on an amazing year. But looking forward, these young guys might be playing 2019 with their buttholes puckered after running their mouths about wishing they could face Tiger in his prime.

Tiger. Is. Back.

Can’t. Wait. To. Cover. It.

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