Putting Alignment – A Simple Drill To Straighten You Out

Alignment is one of the most overlooked aspects of the putting setup, especially on the greens. When thinking of alignment, most golfers think of their feet. But if the shoulders and putter face are not square to the target, the chances of holing the putt are drastically reduced.

To help aid in proper alignment, try this easy practice drill:

  1. Purchase a flat, metal meter (yard) stick with no grooves.
  2. Find a straight, flat putt or even a flat surface at home!
  3. Place the stick on the line you wish to start the ball on.
  4. Place the ball on the yard stick and squarely set up your line.
  5. Hit the putt with the objective of keeping the ball on the stick until it rolls off the far end.

This drill will get you to pay more attention to you starting line rather than thinking about the hole (which can cause anxiety and a guided stroke, leading to miss-hits / missed putts).

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